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Who we are...

Bradley Cable Consulting, LLC is a nationally positioned company that represents the interests of Multi-Dwelling Unit properties. On our clients' behalf, we negotiate access agreements, right of entry agreements (easements), and marketing agreements with Media Service Providers who offer services such as cable television, phone, and internet. We negotiate, for our clients, to secure the highest compensation for these agreements.

What we do...

While we make the steps for our clients as simple as possible – our job is much more complicated. Our clients' expertise is managing their property. It’s what they do best. What Bradley Cable Consulting, LLC does best is find additional revenue from their property for them. It may already exist. Our job is the arduous task of uncovering it - and we don‘t get paid until it's found. This makes it risk free for our clients. We spend our time and energy negotiating with the Media Service Providers on our clients' behalf. And we’re experts at what we do.

What can we do for you?

How we do it...

Multi-Dwelling Unit properties are very valuable to Media Service Providers. They want and need access to the property and residents. The Media Service Providers are willing to pay for that access and the security of future access. Bradley Cable Consulting, LLC works to secure a mutually beneficial relationship while representing our client, the Multi-Dwelling Unit Property owner’s/manager’s interests and negotiating on their behalf.