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Whether you own an apartment building or property, a condominium community, a manufactured housing community, or any property where multiple families live, your property represents a significant number of potential subscribers for the Media Service Provider. Twenty years ago when the MSP only offered cable television your property had some value to them. Today, they offer digital cable television, on demand, DVR, broadband high speed internet along with local and long distance phone service. As their services increase, so does the value and importance of reaching your residents.

Agreements are needed because your community is private property. The Media Service Provider wants and needs the security that having agreements in place gives them. These agreements, just like a lease, have specific terms and compensation. Our expertise is negotiating these agreements. Bradley Cable Consulting, LLC specializes in crafting agreements that give the MSP the security it seeks and you, the property owner or association, the compensation you deserve.


If you have an agreement already in place, contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation review by our experts. If the agreement is strong, we’ll tell you. If there’s room for improvement or if you don’t have an agreement in place, we’d be glad to put our expertise to work for you. Remember, there’s no up-front costs and we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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