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Many Multi-Dwelling Unit owners and HOAs don’t know the security and compensation that is available to them. Our job is to educate our clients for their maximum benefit.


Good Neighbors

Our clients are communities. They are friends, neighbors, families. Our services give back to those communities.


Unearth What’s Hidden

It’s our job to find our clients’ hidden revenue that exists on their property with minimal effort and time on their part.


Cable Security

Our negotiated agreements provide cable companies mutually beneficial access to our clients’ properties. 


Do No Harm

We believe it’s possible for all parties to win: Our clients’ to be paid for access. Cable companies to have that secure access. Residents to have choices. Fair compensation for our services.



To conduct business using integrity and high moral standards. Choosing the right way, the best way, not always the most profitable way. Honor, trust, and integrity are vital to our core values and success.

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