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Negotiations should be bitter, cut throat, all or nothing, right? Well, we think it doesn’t have to be that way. Part of negotiating is knowing when to compromise and when to play hardball. We have years of successful media negotiating – and our experience shows that more can be accomplished faster if everyone’s best interests are taken into account. That’s our job. To make the negotiations smooth, quick, and profitable.

Through our negotiations, the Media Service Providers receive the security of having agreements in place – an important element to their business plan. Equally important is the accurate value of that agreement to you, the property owner. We represent you. You’re our client. The ultimate goal is to parlay that agreement into solid compensation for you, as well as create revenue streams you can count on. You have something they want and need, and they will lease it from you. Our job is to determine the correct, top-dollar value for you. We have proprietary formulas and criteria that help determine that amount – so that no money is left on the table. We know how the Media Service Providers valuate the properties from their perspective. They have a range they will consider. We’re experts at knowing that range. We also know the language they will and will not accept in agreements. This is another sticking point that can hold up and delay or even cancel the agreement negotiation process all together. That’s the opposite of our Win/Win/Win philosophy.


We want to get you paid. After all, we don’t get paid until you do. So, our incentive is to get the deal done. The Media Service Providers have incentive to get the deal done. You have incentive to get the deal done. So we get the deal done. We make sure you’re protected from language that can harm you. We make sure you get top compensation. And we make sure the playing field is level. This creates the Win/Win/Win for all parties involved.





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